Wounded Lands Attract Explorers

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Wounded Lands Attract Explorers
Jagged Earth complexity 3.png
On Each Board: Add 1 Explorericon.png to a land with Blighticon.png.
The World's Vibrance Fades
Remove 1 Blighticon.png per player from the Blight Card, returning it to the box.

Each Spirit may prevent 1 Blighticon.png from being Removed by Destroying 2 of their Presenceicon.png.
Beasts Chase Off Homesteads:
On Each Board: Push up to 2 Explorericon.png or 1 Townicon.png from a land with {{{width}}}px.
Raiding and Retaliation:
In each land with Townicon.png/Cityicon.png:' 1 Damage per Dahanicon.png, then each surviving Townicon.png/Cityicon.png deals 1 Damage to Dahanicon.png. (Defend/Strifeicon.png apply normally.)

Rulings for Wounded Lands Attract Explorers

Explorericon.png There are no rulings at this time. Explorericon.png