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Wind (je).png
Name Wind
Set Jagged Earth
Card Type Aspect for Lightning's Swift Strike
Replaces Special Rule: Swiftness of Lightning
Complexity Higher Complexity
Innate Name Exaltation of the Storm-Wind
Speed Fast — Fast
Range 1
Target Any land
Innate Thresholds 1 Air — 1 Air
This turn, you and target Spirit may each make one of your non-Major Slow Powers Fast.

3 Air — 3 Air
You and target Spirit each gain +1 Range with all your Powers this turn.

4 Air 1 Water — 4 Air, 1 Water
You and target Spirit may each Push up to 2 Explorers from one of your respective lands.

5 Air 2 Water — 5 Air, 2 Water
Repeat this Power.
Card Status Active
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