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Put 3 Presence and 2 Blight on your starting board in the highest-numbered Sands. (Blight comes from the box, not the Blight Card)


Starts with good offense and gets better from there, but lays down Blight as it grows. The smaller the game, the more restraint is needed to prevent tipping the island over into being completely Blighted. The Wildfire can heal the land where it is, but may benefit from other Blight removal Powers so it can add Presence to problem lands without triggering Blight cascade. Removing Blight from its own lands limits its "Firestorm" innate power, however.
In the Reprint, the complexity was changed from Moderate to High



Reclaim Cards
Gain Power Card
Energy Plus 1.png
Gain 1 Energy
Gain Power Card
+ Presenceicon.png


Add a Presence
+ Presenceicon.png


Add a Presence
Energy Plus 2.png
Gain 2 Energy
and +1 more per Fire Showing
Energy 0.png


Energy 1.png

Energy 2.png


Fire and Plant
Energy 3.png


Card Plays








Post-Setup, after your Presence is added/moved, in the land it goes to:

  • For each Fire showing on your Presence Tracks, do 1 Damage.
  • If 2 Fire or more are showing on your Presence Tracks, add 1 Blight.
  • Push all Beasts and any number of Dahan.

If you add multiple Presence into a land at the same time, only do the above effects once.


Blight added due to Spirit effects (Powers, Special Rules, Scenario-based Rituals, etc) does not destroy your Presence. (This includes cascades.)

1 Plant 1 Damage per 2 Fire you have.
3 Plant Instead, 1 Damage per Fire you have.
4 Fire 2 Air Split this Power's Damage however desired between target land and any number of your lands with Blight.
7 Fire In a land with Blight where you have Presence, Push all Dahan. Destroy all Invaders and Beasts. Add 1 Blight.
4 Fire 1 Plant If target land has 2 Blight or more, remove 1 Blight
4 Fire 2 Plant Instead, remove 1 Blight.
5 Fire 2 Plant 2 Earth Remove another Blight.


Offense Control Fear Defense Utility
Heart of the Wildfire.png

From the Spirit Panel

A spirit of natural destruction... and renewal after destruction, though those whose lands have been scoured by flame don't usually much appreciate the latter. Thrives near human habitations, glorying in their fires and sparks, but has existed on the island since long before the Dahan arrived, a child of the Volcano and the Green.

The Wildfire is a long-standing friend of the Dahan: the early slash-and-burn agriculture which turned most Spirits against them gave it the best decades it had had in centuries. It later supported the Dahan during the Second Reckoning, backing their threats of reprisal. It doesn't interact with the Dahan often these years, but spares their villages as best it can, and fights the Invaders in large part for them.

Design Lore

Burning, blazing, rising, consuming - Heart of the Wildfire is quite fond of humans, in a general sense: they keep hearths and use fire as a tool all the time, and those sparks give birth to so many lovely conflagrations! It is the nature of Spirits to be true to what they are, so even though Wildfire knows on some level that too much fire is bad for the land, it just doesn't think about that aspect of things very much. It is also, after all, a spirit of renewal after the blaze, so it implicitly assumes that everything will regrow eventually. (Its strong ties to A Spread of Rampant Green probably contribute to this point of view.)

It fights the Invaders partly due to the exhortations of other Spirits, but more for the sake of the Dahan, as it's become clear that the Invaders have no compunctions about putting them to the sword. (The Dahan and it have a long and storied history together, beginning with the very first Dahan settlements.) It is also, it should be said, somewhat gleeful over the chance to really cut loose without the other Spirits getting all riled up and putting out its firestorms.
Important note: If playing as Heart of the Wildfire, you start the game with these Unique Power Cards in your hand.

Asphyxiating Smoke (ff).png
Flame's Fury (ff).png
Flash-Fires (ff).png
Threatening Flames (ff).png


General Strategy

Heart of the Wildfire is a high-complexity spirit. It has excellent offensive power, but its fires bring Blight to the land - and require some of that Blight to stay out in order for several of its offensive powers to work. In smaller games, it will have to be careful to avoid tainting the land (or outright losing), as the Blight it brings can be a substantial fraction of the available pool. In larger games, it'll have more leeway on Blight, but will face the problem of dilution: either the lands it sets up as deathtraps will be much sparser, or it'll concentrated be over in one corner and won't be able to help much in other portions of the board.

Understanding the Playmat

  • Growth: That third Growth choice grants more Energy the more Fire is uncovered on Wildfire's Presence track, granting ever-greater rewards as the game goes on. Its Energy track is relatively modest, but it'll be able to boost that substantially with Growth.
  • Special Rules - Blazing Presence: Every time Wildfire adds Presence, it damages Invaders - and the land. Once it uncovers 2 Fire, it'll be Blighting the land with every Presence it puts onto the board. (Fortunately, Destructive Nature keeps that Blight from destroying the Presence.) In smaller games, it'll have to be very careful about adding Presence too quickly, lest it blow through the Blight pool!
  • Innate Power - Firestorm: It doesn't just do damage when it adds Presence - with a small primer of Plant, Heart of the Wildfire can do Fire-based damage at one of its Presence. (Or, with more Fire and some Air, in multiple lands where it has Presence.) But those lands have to be Blighted - its fires must still be burning.
  • Innate Power - The Burned Land Regrows: Fortunately, it has a way to remove Blight. It's not easy, though - Heart of the Wildfire's regrowth aspect is definitely secondary to its destructive aspect - and when it heals a land, it stops being able to use Firestorm there!

Unique Powers

  • Unsurprisingly, all of them have Fire. Most have Plant, and a couple have Air. Triggering its Innate Powers shouldn't be too hard, once it can play enough cards.
  • Two of them are pretty expensive, but the other two are cheap. Heart of the Wildfire can probably make do with low Energy income, but will benefit from more.

The specific effects:

  • Flash-fires: fear and 1 damage, possibly Fast. This looks good for picking off Explorers.
  • Asphyxiating Smoke: Fear and destruction at good range - but it requires a Sacred Site, which may be tricky to set up without causing Blight cascades. (It does start with one, though.)
  • Threatening Flames: Frightens the Invaders, driving them away from its flames - or terrifying them even more if they're trapped! This Power is very powerful for the cost, but requires the same very specific setup as the Firestorm innate: a Blighted land where Heart of the Wildfire has Presence.
  • Flame's Fury: Boosts the damage of every damaging Power a Spirit uses - card or innate. This seems best as a boon for fast-and-furious lots-of-Powers spirits over slower, big-hammer allies.

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