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Spoiler warning: The content on this page comes from the Jagged Earth expansion, which is still in the process of being distributed to Kickstarter backers, and is currently not available for retail purchase. Please be aware of this and use precaution if you would like to play the expansion without spoilers.

Scenario: Varied Terrains
Difficulty: 2
The island's terrains are diverse: the mists and streams of high mountains, the arid scrub of hot sands, river-valleys and swamps, jungle trees towering high. The Invaders have reason to seek all these places out, for each has its own character.


  • ...for Spirits with very good Build prevention in Jungles and Wetlands (e.g. A Spread of Rampant Green).


  • ...with Adversaries that cause many Builds (e.g., The Kingdom of England).

Each terrain has a unique effect associated with it:

Mountains May Hide Gold: Add +1 Explorericon.png when Exploring Mountains. (Including during Setup, if appropriate.)
Jungles Clear-Cut for Land: After Invaders Build 1 or more Citiyicon.png in a Jungle, add 1 Blighticon.png there.
Fragile Sands: After Setup: Blighticon.png added to Sands cascades as if Blighticon.png were already present, even when it is not.
Fertile Wetlands: After Invaders successfully Build in a Wetland, they Build there a second time.

(If you wish, you can play with a subset of the terrain changes, but the game may be swingy depending on which terrains come up.)

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