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Card Name Artist
Forests of Living Obsidian Lucas Durham
Infestation of Venomous Spiders Lucas Durham
Dream of the Untouched Land Joshua Wright
Angry Bears Moro Rogers
Focus the Land's Anguish Moro Rogers
Vanish Softly Away, Forgotten by All Joshua Wright
Unleash a Torrent of the Self's Own Essence Moro Rogers
Bargains of Power and Protection Joshua Wright
Transform to a Murderous Darkness Moro Rogers
Settle Into Hunting-Grounds Moro Rogers
Walls of Rock and Thorn Joshua Wright
Voice of Command Lucas Durham
Irresistible Call Lucas Durham
The Wounded Wild Turns on Its Assailants Joshua Wright
Draw Towards a Consuming Void Joshua Wright
Storm-Swath Jorge Ramos
Spill Bitterness Into the Earth Moro Rogers
Utter a Curse of Dread and Bone Joshua Wright
Sleep and Never Waken Joshua Wright
Weave Together the Fabric of Place Joshua Wright
Trees Radiate Celestial Brilliance Shawn Daley
Thickets Erupt With Every Touch of Breeze Jorge Ramos
Melt Earth Into Quicksand Lucas Durham
Hazards Spread Across the Island Kat Guevara
Bats Scout for Raids by Darkness Shawn Daley
Birds Cry Warning Joshua Wright
Blood Draws Predators Kat Guevara
Carapaced Land Kat Guevara
Call to Guard Kat Guevara
Desiccating Winds Shawn Daley
Dry Wood Explodes in Smoldering Splinters Jorge Ramos
Gift of Nature's Connection Moro Rogers
Entrap the Forces of Corruption Shawn Daley
Domesticated Animals Go Berserk Joshua Wright
Dire Metamorphosis Moro Rogers
Skies Herald the Season of Return Joshua Wright
Gift of Twinned Days Joshua Wright
Haunted by Primal Memories Kat Guevara
Like Calls to Like Kat Guevara
Unquenchable Flames Kat Guevara
Mesmerized Tranquility Kat Guevara
Territorial Strife Kat Guevara
Renewing Boon Joshua Wright
Scream Disease Into the Wind Moro Rogers
Sear Anger Into the Wild Lands Kat Guevara
Set Them on an Ever-Twisting Trail Joshua Wright
Strong and Constant Currents Jorge Ramos
Sucking Ooze Moro Rogers
Sunset's Fire Flows Across the Land Moro Rogers
Terror Turns to Madness Shawn Daley
The Shore Seethes With Hatred Joshua Wright
Thriving Chokefungus Jorge Ramos
Treacherous Waterways Kat Guevara
Flow Downriver, Blow Downwind Joshua Wright
Weep for What Is Lost Kat Guevara
Favor of the Sun and Star-Lit Dark Moro Rogers
Esun.pngSimple moon.pngEfire.pngSimple air.pngSimple water.pngEearth.pngSimple plant.pngSimple animal.png
Destroy 3 Townicon.png.
1 Damage to each Townicon.png / Citiyicon.png.
Add 1 Blighticon.png.
3 Simple sun.png
Destroy 1 Citiyicon.png.
ArtistSymbol.png Nolan Nasser

Rulings for Drought

Explorericon.png There are no specific rulings at this time. Explorericon.png

Related Rules

  • Remember the "One land! One turn! One use!" rule. The general rule is that a land-targeting Power will affect one land for the one turn it is put into play, and will only be used once that turn.
  • Adding Blighticon.png to a land destroys one Presenceicon.png per Spirit with Presenceicon.png in that land. Added Blighticon.png typically comes from the Blight Card. If a land already has Blighticon.png, adding another Blighticon.png causes a cascade.

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