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Transforming (ni).png
Name Transforming
Set Nature Incarnate
Card Type Aspect for Heart of the Wildfire
Replaces Innate Power: The Burned Land Regrows
Complexity Higher Complexity
Special Rule Name Transform Rather Than Consume
Special Rule Text When your Actions would Destroy Cities (including by Damage), instead: 2 Fear. Replace that City with 1 Town and 1 Explorer. Push both Invaders.

When your Actions would Destroy Towns (including by Damage), instead: 1 Fear. Replace that Town with 2 Explorers. Push both Invaders.
Innate Power Name Exaltation of the Transforming Flame
Speed Fast — Fast
Range No Range
Target Another Spirit
Innate Thresholds 4 Fire 1 Plant — 4 Fire, 1 Plant
Target Spirit may Forget a Power Card to gain a Power Card and 1 of Any Element. You may do likewise.

3 Fire 1 Earth 2 Plant — 3 Fire, 1 Earth, 2 Plant
Target Spirit may pay 1 Energy to Replace 1 Blight with 1 Badlands in one of their lands. You may do likewise.

1 Sun 3 Fire 1 Animal — 1 Sun, 3 Fire, 1 Animal
Target Spirit may Replace 1 Explorer with 1 Beasts in one of their lands. You may do likewise.
Card Status Active
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