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Feel free to use strikethrough and/or self-assigning tasks


  • collapsible sections/ table of contents on pages??

Rulebooks Uploaded

  1. pdfhandler extension fully installed
  2. rule pdfs uploaded
  3. display them on game pages, or front page, etc
  4. link references to those files
  5. possibly build "tags" in pdfs
  6. link references to those tags

The Dahan Archives

  • tables, columns, sections, etc.

How to Play


  • add links
  • create page for every single item
    • transclude


Card Database

  • Templates
    • Power Card
      • Add icon to bottom-right indicating the set that the card comes from (and in the case with Jagged Earth, also indicating what parts of expansions that card requires)
    • Fear Card
    • Blight Card
    • Event Card
  • Info
    • Digital Assets (from game? SICK?)
    • text data - probably SICK?
  • Wiki Database