Thunderspeaker/Antistone's Opening

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-1- Growth: +4 energy, place 1 presence (bottom track) Cards: Sudden Ambush (gather 1 Dahan, each Dahan destroys 1 explorer) Voice of Thunder (push 4 Dahan or 2 fear)

Sudden Ambush (fast) kills an explorer before it can build.

With these elements, your innate Gather the Warriors will let you gather 2 then push 1 Dahan. Use that and Voice of Thunder to position Dahan for next turn.

(Yes, that's a lot of Dahan movement, which might tempt you to use Voice of Thunder for fear...but you want to get Dahan set up in 3 different locations for next turn, so I find it's usually better to use it for movement.)

-2- Growth: Place 2 presence (top track) Cards: Words of Warning (defend 3, simultaneous damage) Manifestation of Power and Glory (presence*dahan damage)

Words of Warning defends against a town+explorer with Dahan present.

You trigger Gather the Warriors again this turn (this time you gather 3 then push 2); you can use that to do any additional positioning necessary for your other powers in the slow phase.

If you planned your Dahan movement and presence placement carefully, Manifestation can probably deal 6 damage to destroy city+town+explorer (using either 3 Dahan and 2 presence or 2 Dahan and 3 presence).

You also activate your second innate, Lead the Furious Assault, which can destroy an additional town somewhere with 2 Dahan and 1 presence (ideally leaving a lone explorer that will do 1 harmless damage next turn and then die to a counter-attack)

-3- Growth: Reclaim cards, gain 2 powers

Variants: If you really need to destroy a town+city combo on turn 1, you can play Manifestation + Voice of Thunder. Manifestation will probably only deal 4 damage (2 Dahan * 2 presence), but you can use that to destroy the city and use (innate) Lead the Furious Assault to destroy the town. However, this is less efficient overall (you don't trigger Gather the Warriors on turn 1, and Manifestation probably does less total damage than it could have on turn 2).

There's also a variant where you swap your first two growth, placing 2 presence from the top track on turn 1. This gets you 1 extra energy, but you don't get to play Voice of Thunder. In a vacuum, that seems like a pretty weak trade, but it has a hidden benefit: that 1 extra energy gives you exactly enough to play all 4 of your starting cards during turns 3 and 4 (after you reclaim) without needing to choose the energy growth option on turn 4 (which means you can place 1 more presence, which will get you either 3 card plays or a sun element on turn 4). This can help protect against worst-case draws, but I think it's generally better to assume you'll draw a useful power on turn 3 that renders that exact energy threshold unimportant.