The Great River

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Spoiler warning: The content on this page comes from the Jagged Earth expansion, which is still in the process of being distributed to Kickstarter backers, and is currently not available for retail purchase. Please be aware of this and use precaution if you would like to play the expansion without spoilers.

Scenario: The Great River
Difficulty: 3
The island is vast, and the Invaders are firmly entrenched in its western lands. They now seek to push easy across a mighty river and open up a new frontier. Can the Spirits hold them back?
  • This Scenario uses the balanced boards only.
  • Boards B, C, and F are best for this Scenario, then Board D. Boards A and E are easier.


  • ...for Spirits excellent at destroying Inland Townicon.png (e.g., Lightning's Swift Strike).


  • ...for teams with little early control of Inland Townicon.png.
  • ...for Spirits that focus on defense/counterattack to the exclusion of Destroying/moving Invaders (e.g., Vital Strength of the Earth).
  • ...against Adversaries that create lots of extra Townicon.png.

Population Spills Across the River:

After the Build Step, Invaders Build in all Coastal lands without Townicon.png/Citiyicon.png but with Explorericon.png.

After the Explore Step, Invaders Explore into all Coastal lands without Townicon.png/Citiyicon.png.

Relentless Migration Eastwards:

At the end of the Slowicon.png phase, move each Townicon.png one land Inland (farther away from the Ocean). Start with the most-Inland lands and work your way to the least-Inland. (You can mark the lands that are Range 2 from the Ocean with Scenario Markers to make this easier, if desired.)

  • When Townicon.png in a land have a choice of multiple lands to go to, split them as evenly as possible, starting from the northernmost (upper) such land.
  • When a Townicon.png would be prevented from moving Inland by Isolate effects, it ignores those Isolate effects unless a Spirit pays 1 Energy.
  • When a Townicon.png cannot move further Inland, if it is on the eastern (right-hand) edge of its board, move it off the eastern edge and onto this Scenario Card. Otherwise, it moves to an equally Inland adjacent land (if possible).
Place Island Boards touching top-to-bottom, so their Oceans are on the same side. (The "Oceans" represent an immense river in the west.)
If more than 3 Townicon.png per player escape off the edge of the map (are on this Scenario Card), the Invaders win.

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