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Core Set

Spirit island box.png

Originally Revealed in Kickstarter in October 2015, Spirit Island Funded quickly and surpassed goals, reaching a total of $84k. It was released in July 2017, and sold out quickly. There have been multiple printings since then.

Branch and Claw

Branch and claw box.png

First Expansion. New content includes additional Scenarios, new Tokens with unique effects, and Events, along with additional Spirits and Adversaries. It was composed of multiple Stretch Goals in the original Kickstarter, a $60K goal for additional Spirits Effects (the tokens) and Events, and another $80K goal adding the two additional spirits, both of whom make use of the new tokens.



The Promo Spirits are pairs of additional Promotional Spirits released during the Kickstarter campaigns for the Core Set and Jagged Earth. They are occasionally reprinted and sold by the publisher for a limited time in special Promotional Packs.

Jagged Earth

Jagged Earth box.png

Second Expansion. Significant content additions including Spirits and Spirit Aspects, Power, Event, and Fear Cards, Adversaries, and Scenarios. Expected release in mid 2020.