The Frontier Calls

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The Frontier Calls
Jagged Earth complexity 3.png
Explore Actions add +1 Explorer to lands without Town/City.
Self-Sacrifice Buys Time
Destroy 1 Presence from each Spirit.

The next X Blight added to the island this turn come from the box instead of the Blight Card, where X is the number of Spirits. (Place this card on the Blight Card as reminder.)
Lair in Untamed Lands:
On Each Board: Add 1 Beasts to a land without Town/City/Blight.
Seek Out New Grounds:
On Each Board: Gather 1 or 2 Dahan into a land without Dahan Setup symbols.

Rulings for The Frontier Calls

Explorericon.png There are no rulings at this time. Explorericon.png