Terror Spikes Upwards

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Terror Spikes Upwards
Terror Spikes Upwards (ni).png
Name Terror Spikes Upwards
Set Nature Incarnate
Event 1 Type Terror Levels 1 & 2
Event 1 Text Terror Spikes Upwards
If you have any Earned Fear Cards, resolve the first one now as if the Terror Level were 1 higher (then discard it).

Otherwise, 1 Fear per player. (Generated Fear can't cause Final Harvest.)
Event 2 Type Terror Level 3
Event 2 Text Final Harvest
Each City does +3 Damage during Ravage Actions.

After each Ravage Action, Remove 1 Town/City from that land.
Event 3 Type Badlands and Beasts
Event 3 Text Secure Settled Territory
On Each Board: In a land with Badlands/Beasts and Towns/Cities: Destroy 1 Badlands/Beasts. 1 Damage to Dahan. 1 Damage.
Event 4 Type Dahan
Event 4 Text War Among the Dahan
On Each Board: In the land with the most Dahan (min. 2), Push half the Dahan (round down).
Card Status Active
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