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Template for Spirit Pages. Any category marked Optional may be left blank, or ideally omitted entirely. Any parameter with a # should start with a 1, and increase incrementally as needed.

Unless otherwise instructed, do not include wiki markup or links.

|gamebox=Base Game, Branch and Claw, Jagged Earth, Promotional Pack 1, Promotional Pack 2, Apocrypha, Horizons of Spirit Island, Nature Incarnate
|setup=Setup Rules. Wiki text acceptable.
|playstyle= Play Style blurb. Wiki Text Acceptable.
|complexity=low, moderate, high, or very high
|incarnapieces=Plug in a <gallery> to display the unempowered/empowered Incarna pieces for a base Spirit (non-Aspect).
|#-innate=Name of Innate power (# goes up to 5 Innate Power slots)
|#-innatetarget=Targeting for an Innate Power, use [[Template:Targeting]]
|#-innate1=Innate threshold. Use wiki text.
|#-innate2=Innate threshold 2.
|#-innate3=Innate threshold 3. Do not use  if nothing.
|#-innate4=Innate threshold 4. Do not use  if nothing.
|#-innate5=Innate threshold 5. Do not use  if nothing.
|special=Special Rules, wiki text acceptable.
|growthtype=one, two, three, oneandone, always (Pick One, Pick Two, Pick Three, Pick One Of... And One Of..., or has an Always)
|growthrows=ommited or two (splits growth options into two rows). Optional.
|growth1=First growth option, use [[Template:Growth]] (If always was selected in growthtype, must be the Always Option)
|growth2=Second growth Option, continue to use template
|growth4=Same - but Optional
|presence1=Top Presence Track
|presence2=Bottom Presence Track
|psummary=Use the [[Template:Powersummary]]
|loresection=Needed for transcluding Lore section. See [[Lore]] for the right name.
|unique#=The Unique Powers. Use [[Template:Powercard]].
|aspectname#=The name of the Aspect. Optional if the Spirit has Aspects. Do not use otherwise.
|complexitychange#=Indicates the change in complexity for a given Aspect. Use "Up", "Down", or "Equal".
|aspectreplacement#=Indicates what you replace when using this Aspect. Do not use if nothing is replaced.
|aspecttext#=The text of the Aspect. Do not use if the Spirit does not have any Aspects.
|aspectexpansion#=Indicates which expansion the Aspect comes from. Do not use if the Spirit does not have any Aspects.
|suggestedcard#=The suggested card progression, if one exists for this spirit. Leave empty if no progression exists.
|strategy=Wiki Text Acceptable. Link to Forum Posts, or new Strategy Pages
|design_and_extras=Wiki Text Acceptable. Link content regarding design, not lore