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Template for Keyword Pages. Any category marked Optional may be left blank, or ideally omitted entirely. Any parameter with a # should start with a 1, and increase incrementally as needed.

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|Keywordname=The name of the Keyword.
|gamebox=Core, Branch and Claw, Jagged Earth, Nature Incarnate
|intro=A quick introduction to the Keyword, including which expansion it was introduced in
|theme=The theme explanation found in the rulebook, if any. Optional.
|rule=What this Keyword does, as stated in the rules.
|details=Extra information, like examples, to further explain the rule. Optional.


Durable is a keyword used by Invader pieces. It was introduced in the Jagged Earth expansion.


A Durable Invader is an Invader with extra Health equal to its base Health. “Destroy” effects instead deal Damage to pieces of that type equal to their base Health, though “Destroy All” works normally.