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1) Range: How many lands away from your Presence this Power can reach.

  • This is a maximum; you can always use a shorter Range.
  • A Range of 0 means a land where you have Presence Presence.
  • Some Powers have limitations on what sort of land you can use them from (such as only from a Sacred Site Sacred Site, or only from a specific terrain); these are shown left of the range icon RangeArrow.[1]

2) Target: What land type this Power can affect.

  • Most Powers can target ANY TYPE of land (not anywhere on the island), but some are restricted by terrain, what’s in the land, or whether it’s Coastal/Inland.
  • Powers always target one single land, and all the effects of the Power are in that one single target land unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • Some Powers target a Spirit Spirit instead of a land.[1]

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Reference Sheet (back of base rulebook)

SI Reference.png

General Principles (base rulebook pg. 17)

Do As Much As You Can

When resolving a Power’s effects, do as much as you can. If one part does not apply or cannot be done, skip it and do the rest. The only targeting restrictions are those in the target bar.

You Can Skip Using A Power’s Effect

If you cannot or do not want to use a Power - perhaps the board situation has changed - you’re allowed to skip its effects entirely. If it was a Power Card, you don’t get your Energy back, but you do still get to use the Elements granted by the card.

When using a Power with thresholds, you may act as if you have fewer Elements than you really do, to avoid hitting thresholds. Other than that, it’s all or nothing - you can’t pick-and-choose instructions. [2]

One Land! One Turn! One Use!

Unless a Power explicitly says otherwise:

  • It only affects one single target land. “Destroy up to 3 Explorers” will let you destroy up to 3 Explorers in the same land - not in multiple different lands. If a Power has multiple effects, they ALL apply to the same land.
  • It only affects the current turn. “Dahan have +3 Health” or “Invaders do not Ravage in target land” affect this turn only, not the rest of the game. Any permanent changes to the game will be represented by changes to a board - pieces leaving, Fear Markers moving, etc.
  • It can only be used once this turn. You cannot choose to pay for a Power Card twice and use it twice. Innate Powers only trigger once even if you have twice as many Elements as you need. If something makes a Slow Power Fast, you only get to use it during the Fast Phase, not both.


Most Commonly Used

Target: The land or Spirit a Power affects.
[Base Game: p. 16]
Origin: The land from which a Range is measured when targeting.
[Jagged Earth: p. 14]
Range: The maximum number of lands away you can use a Power or effect. You may always use a Power or effect at a shorter Range. Measured from your Presence unless otherwise specified. A Range of 0 means a land where you have Presence.
[Base Game: p. 16]
Presence (Presence): A piece showing where your Spirit lives in the land.
[Base Game: p. 13]
Sacred Site (Sacred Site): A land where a Spirit has 2 or more Presence.
[Base Game: p. 13]
Your Land: A land with your Presence in it.
[Base Game: p. 13]


Land: A bordered area on the island map (excluding Ocean). Whenever a land takes 2 Damage, you add a Blight to it.
[Base Game: p. 13, 16]
Adjacent land: Sharing a border or corner.
[Base Game: p. 13]
Terrain: Jungle, Mountain, Sands, or Wetlands. Each land has one terrain.
[Base Game: p. 13]
Land Type: A description of what sort of land to act upon. This may be a terrain, Coastal/Inland, or a requirement for what's in/not in the land (e.g. "A land with Invaders").
[Base Game: p. 13, 16]
Land with (Piece): A land having at least one (Piece). See Piece.
Coastal land: A land readily accessible to ships, adjacent to the printed Ocean area.
[Base Game: p. 13]
Inland land: A land not adjacent to the printed Ocean area.
[Base Game: p. 13]
Ocean: Where the Invaders sail in. The stretch of Ocean on each Island Board determines which lands are Coastal. Oceans are not lands.
[Base Game: p. 13]
Piece: Any physical game piece placed on the island except for players' Single-Turn Effect Markers. At this time, the normal pieces are: Dahan, Presence, Blight, all Invaders (Explorer/Town/City), and all Spirit tokens (Badlands/Beasts/Disease/Wilds/Strife). If a Scenario puts something else on the board (Scenario Markers, Element Markers, etc.) for a game effect (as opposed to, e.g., tracking extra Damage), those are then considered pieces.


Island: The entire playing area of the game comprised of one or more Island Boards.
[Base Game: p. 6-7, 13]
Island Board: An individual punchboard piece that comprises the Island. The reverse has a thematic map for more experienced players.
[Base Game: p. 6-7, 13]
Target board: Shorthand for "the board containing target land".
Among: In any or all of a set of lands. See Distribute for an example.
Distribute: Add the specified pieces in any arrangement to the lands specified. E.g.: "Distribute 3 Town among Coastal lands" could add 3 Towns to one Coastal land, or 2 to one land and 1 to another, or all 3 to different Coastal lands.
Exactly (Range) away: A land is exactly some Range if it is that Range, and there is no shorter path to that land.

Some Edge Cases

Archipelagos (Multiple Smaller Islands)

Spirit-targeting Powers work normally when targeting a Spirit that shares an islet with you (you both have Presence on it). Targeting a Spirit with whom you don’t share an islet costs 1 Energy per Ocean jump you have to make, paid when the Power is used. E.g., a Spirit on board F must spend 2 Energy to target a Spirit on board A.[3]

Targeting or Using a Power

Shroud of Silent Mist (a Spirit) and Scream Disease into the Wind (a Minor Power) both do things when you target or use a Power on a land.

If you entirely skip using the text effects of a Power (per p. 17 of the base rulebook), you do not target or use that Power.

If you meet no thresholds for an Innate Power, you do not target or use that Power. Exception: If the Innate Power affects the game in some way even without hitting thresholds (e.g., Volcano Looming High’s Explosive Eruption), you may target and use it anyhow.[4]

Spirit: Shroud of Silent Mist

If you entirely skip using the text effects of a Power (per p. 17 of the base rulebook), you never target that Power, and thus can’t use it to move your Presence. See also Targeting or Using A Power, p. 29.

You can move your Presence to satisfy origin requirements like “from a Sacred Site” or “from a particular land type” – that’s considered part of targeting.[5]

Notes & FAQ


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