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The Kingdom of Sweden
Sweden WrinkledFlag.png
Additional Loss Condition
Escalation Escalation
Swayed by the Invaders: After Invaders Explore into each land this Phase, if that land has at least as many Invaders as Dahan, replace 1 Dahan with 1 Town.
Fear Cards
Game Effects (cumulative)
9 (3/3/3)
Heavy Mining: If the Invaders do at least 6 Damage to the land during Ravage, add an extra Blight. The additional Blight does not destroy Presence or cause cascades.
10 (3/4/3)
Population Pressure at Home: During Setup, on each board add 1 City to land #4. On boards where land #4 starts with Blight, put that Blight in land #5 instead.
10 (3/4/3)
Fine Steel for Tools and Guns: Town deal 3 Damage. City deal 5 Damage.
11 (3/4/4)
Royal Backing: During Setup, after adding all other Invaders, discard the top card of the Invader Deck. On each board, add 1 Town to the land of that terrain with the fewest Invaders.
12 (4/4/4)
Mining Rush: When Ravaging adds at least 1 Blight to a land, also add 1 Town to an adjacent land without Town/City. Cascading Blight does not cause this effect.
13 (4/4/5)
Prospecting Outpost: During setup, on each board add 1 Town and 1 Blight to land #8. The Blight comes from the box, not the Blight Card.

From the Rulebook

Ruler: King Erik XV

Following his triumph at the Battle of Lützen in 1632, King Gustavus Adolphus led the Kingdom of Sweden to further victories over Catholic armies, defeating and partitioning the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with Brandenburg and Russia in 1644. Following his death in 1651, Gustavus Adolphus was succeeded by his son, King Gustav III, who went on to defeat Kingdom of Denmark in a series of campaigns between 1657 and 1668 and secure total Swedish dominion over the Baltic Sea.

Gustav III was succeeded by his son Erik in 1683, who became the eight Vasa ruler of Sweden. Under his rule, constrained from further growth on the continent by Russia to their East and the Holy Roman Empire and Prussia to their south, Sweden begun leveraging their powerful navy to set up colonies throughout the world.

The absorption of former Polish lands in the eastern Baltic has given Sweden a significant influx of Slavs and other non-Scandanavian people. While a tremendous boon to their economic and military power, this demographic shift has also been a source of internal turmoil as the Kingdom of Sweden attempts the historically difficult task of integrating a multi-ethnic society. Along with a desire for more natural resources, Sweden's desire for a "safety valve" outlet for discontents and political agitators has driven their desire to establish themselves as a colonial power.


General Strategy

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Rulings for Sweden

Swayed by the Invaders (Escalation)

  • Sweden's Escalation effect happens after Exploring.
  • The text "at least as many Invaders as Dahan" refers to the number of pieces, not the total amount of Health.