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Strife (Strife) is one of four types of tokens first introduced in the Branch and Claw expansion, alongside Beasts, Wilds, and Disease.


Strife tokens represent internal turmoil and discard within the Invader ranks. In such turbulent and angry situations, fields go untended, farms remain small, and aggression against the Dahan becomes disorganized and ineffectual.


Whenever Invaders Damage the Dahan and/or the land, each attacking Invader with any number of Strife deals exactly 0 Damage and removes one Strife.

Extra Details

  • Unlike other token types, Strife is added to a specific Invader rather than the land as a whole. When you add Strife in a particular land, you choose which Invader it's added to and place the Strife token beneath that Invader piece.
  • If there are no Invaders in a land that you attempt to add Strife to, you cannot add that Strife.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Strife any one particular Invader can have.
  • Using the Strife is required; you cannot save it for later, even if the Invader is already dealing 0 Damage due to, e.g., Defend.
  • If the Invader is Damaging multiple things simultaneously (as during Ravage), the Strife affects all of them.
  • If Invaders Damage other Invaders, Strife has no effect and is not removed.
  • Even if Damage is reduced to 0 (by Defend and/or Strife), the Dahan still fight back! (Only if something cancels or skips the Ravage Action entirely do they remain complacent.)
  • Strife applies any time which that Invader would deal Damage, not only when it would Ravage (Particularly relevant for Grinning Trickster Stirs Up Trouble's Innate Power, Why Don't You And Them Fight, which has 1 Invader and 1 Dahan deal Damage to each other!).
  • If an Invader with Strife moves, the Strife moves with it.
  • If an Invader with Strife is Removed or Destroyed, return the Strife token to the supply.
  • If an Invader with Strife is replaced with another Invader, the Strife is kept on the replacement Invader.
  • If an Invader with Strife is replaced with multiple Invaders, the Strife is distributed to the replacement Invaders in any way the Spirits choose.
  • If an Invader with Strife is replaced with a non-Invader game piece - such as a Beasts or Dahan - the Strife goes away.