Seek New Farmland

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Seek New Farmland
Jagged Earth complexity 3.png
In each land with 2 or more Townicon.png, Push 1 Townicon.png to a land without Townicon.png.
Voracious Consumption
On Each Board: After the Ravage Step, add 1 Blighticon.png to a land with Cityicon.png and no Blighticon.png.

Spirits may prevent this on any/all boards by Destroying 2 Presenceicon.png from each board to be protected.
Plagues Bring Fear and Death:
1 Fearicon.png per board with Diseaseicon.png. On Each Board: 2 Damage to Dahanicon.png in a land with Diseaseicon.png.
Engage on Their Own Terms:
During Ravage, Dahanicon.png only do 1 Damage each, but deal Damage before Invaders.

Rulings for Seek New Farmland

Explorericon.png There are no rulings at this time. Explorericon.png