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Scenario: Second Wave
Difficulty: +/- 1
The Invaders have been drive off once, but they are not staying away, and the Spirits who first defended the island have grown to powerful and slow to react to this second wave of Invaders. Can a new set of spirits rise to the occasion and keep the island safe?


  • If you delay the prior games's victory to stack the board. Either don't do that or using scoring.


  • Against French Plantation Colony - due to Townicon.png limits, later waves will become outright impossible.

Second Game Setup
  • If the Blight card is on the Healthy side: Increase the Adversary Level by 1.
  • If the Blight card is on the Blighted side: Return it to "Healthy". Leave 2 Blighticon.png per player on it, and set the rest next to the card. If it flips to Blighted ignore the amount of Blighticon.png printed on the Blighted side and instead use the Blighticon.png sitting next to the card from the first game. (This will often be less than the printed amount, because some Blighticon.png has been left on the island.


  • Do not place pre-printed tokens, Blighticon.png, or Dahanicon.png.
  • Pre-printed Invaders start closer to the coast: any which would go into land #6 + instead go into the land numbered 3 lower. (So a Townicon.png printed on land #7 would instead be put into land #4.)
  • On each board: Add 1 Townicon.png to land #5.
  • Adversary Setup changes: apply normally, but any extra Blighticon.png is added from the Blight Pool.
  • Fearicon.png, Events, the Invader Deck, and Spirits are all setup up normally.

|rules= After the First Game Each Spirit sets aside one Power Card to assist with the next game. (See "Assistance from the first Spirits"), on reverse.) Remove all Presenceicon.png and Invaders. Leave on the island:

  • One of each token-type per player (so in a 2p game: 2 Beasticon.png, 2 Wildicon.png, 2 Diseaseicon.png).
  • 2 Blighticon.png per player. Return the rest to the Blight card.
  • All Dahanicon.png. In lands with 2 {Dahanicon.png or more, Push 1 Dahanicon.png to adjacent lands until there are 2 or fewer.
Then, on each board with 2-4 Dahanicon.png add 1 Dahanicon.png to the lowest-numbered land with Dahanicon.png.
Then, on each board with 9 Dahanicon.png or more, remove Dahanicon.png until there are 8 or fewer.

|blurb=This Scenario is played as a follow-up game, set decades later. you play different Spirits in the second game, fighting against hte same Adversary. |assistance=Once Stage 3 begins the Power Cards set aside from the first game may be "played" (during the Spirit Phase, as usual). They cost nobody any Energy or Card Plays, grant no Elements, and may target any land. Thresholds trigger if they require 10 or fewer Elements. Each one is discarded after one use (or at the end of the game, if playing further waves). |table=Later Waves

If you want to play further waves, most rules from the reverse side remain the same. The only changes are:

Blight left on the board from Prior Game 3/player 4/player 5/player 6/player 7/player
"Closer to Cost" shift for pre-printed Invaders -2 -1 0 0 0
On each board, add Townicon.png to land #'s: 4,5 3,4,5 2,3,4,5 1,2,3,4,5 1,2,3,4,5,6

|strategy=Any strategy tips. (Wiki Text Acceptable). }}