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The Kingdom of Scotland
Additional Loss Condition
Stage II Escalation Stage II Escalation.png
N/A: If the number of Coastal lands with Citiyicon.png is ever greater than (2 x # of boards), the Invaders win.
N/A: On the single board with the most Coastal Townicon.png/Citiyicon.png, add 1 Townicon.png to the N lands with the fewest Townicon.png (N is # of players).
Level Fear Cards Game Effects (Cumulative)
1 10 (3/4/3) Trading Port: After Setup, in Coastal lands, Explore Cards add 1... (???) 'Coastal Lands' Invader cards do this for maximum 2 lands per... (???)
2 11 (4/4/3) Seize Opportunity: During Setup, add 1 Citiyicon.png to land #2. Place... (???) on the 3rd Stage 2 card, and move the two Stage 2 Cards above... (???) (New Deck Order: 11-22-1-C2-33333, where C is the Stage 2 Card... (???))
3 13 (4/5/4) Chart the Coastline: In Coastal lands, Build Cards affect lands... (???) so long as there is an adjacent Citiyicon.png.
4 14 (4/5/5) Ambition of a Minor Nation: During Setup, replace the bottom... (???, likely "Stage 1 Card") with the bottom Stage 3 Card. (New Deck Order: 11-22-3-C2... (???, likely 11-22-3-C2-33331))
5 15 Runoff and... (???): After a Ravage Action adds Blighticon.png to a... (???, likely "board, add") 1 Blighticon.png to that Board's Ocean (without cascading). Treat the Ocean as a Wetland for this rule and for Blighticon.png... (???)
6 16 Exports Fuel... (???): (???) add 1 Townicon.png... (???) land that matches a Ravage... (???) Townicon.png... (???)

Design Lore

Ruler: King James VII, son of King Charles II (House of Stewart)

Scotland’s position in northern Britain has always been a balancing act. King James VII plays this role well, playing the larger and more populous Kingdom of England to the south against the Kingdom of Sweden across the North Sea and the powerful Kingdom of France on the European mainland. His efforts are aided by the recent success of the Darien colony on the Isthmus of Panama. Thanks to distrust and rivalry among the major naval powers of England, Sweden, Spain, and France, Scotland has emerged as the primary broker of international trade.

The Kingdom of Scotland is currently in a tenuous alliance with Spain, France, and England against the northern European alliance of the Sweden, Hapsburg, and Prussian Kingdoms. However, Scottish merchants frequently carry Swedish goods on the side, rendering any attempt to blockade the North Atlantic largely moot.

Scotland controls the key colony of Darien, allowing Scottish merchants to transfer goods from the Atlantic to the Pacific without traveling thousands of miles out of their way around South America. With the unique ability to rapidly ship goods to the Pacific, Scotland has begun to quickly settle the Pacific Rim, establishing colonies in other key trading locations throughout the region.

General Strategy

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