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Spoiler warning: This page has links to content from the Jagged Earth expansion, which is still in the process of being distributed to Kickstarter backers, and is currently not available for retail purchase. Please be aware of this and use precaution if you would like to play the expansion without spoilers.

These Scenarios alter the rules of the game, giving you specific goals and challenges to meet, and a different way to play the game.

Scenario Set Difficulty
A Diversity of Spirits Jagged Earth box.png 0
Blitz Spirit island box.png 0
Dahan Insurrection Spirit island box.png 4
Despicable Theft Jagged Earth box.png 2
Elemental Invocation Jagged Earth box.png 1*
Guard the Isle's Heart Spirit island box.png 0
Powers Long Forgotten Branch and claw box.png 1*
Rituals of the Destroying Flame Branch and claw box.png 3
Rituals of Terror Spirit island box.png 3
Second Wave Branch and claw box.png +/- 1
The Great River Jagged Earth box.png 3
Varied Terrains Jagged Earth box.png 2
Ward the Shores Branch and claw box.png 2