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The Tsardom of Russia
Russia WrinkledFlag.png
Additional Loss Condition
Hunters Swarm the Island: Put Beasts Destroyed by Adversary rules on this panel. If there are ever more Beasts on this panel than on the island, the Invaders win.
Escalation Escalation
Stalk the Predators: On each board: Add 2 Explorer (total) among lands with Beasts. If you can't, instead add 2 Explorer among lands with Beasts on a different board.
Jagged Earth complexity 3.png
Fear Cards
Game Effects (cumulative)
10 (3/3/4)
Hunters Bring Home Shell and Hide: During Setup, on each board, add 1 Beasts and 1 Explorer to the highest-numbered land without Town/City. During Play, Explorer do +1 Damage. When Ravage adds Blight to a land (including cascades), Destroy 1 Beasts in that land.
11 (4/3/4)
A Sense for Impending Disaster: The first time each Action would Destroy Explorer: If possible, 1 of those Explorer is instead Pushed; 1 Fear when you do so.
11 (4/4/3)
Competition Among Hunters: Ravage Cards also match lands with 3 or more Explorer. (If the land already matched the Ravage Card, it still Ravages just once.)
12 (4/4/4)
Accelerated Exploitation: When making the Invader Deck, put 1 Stage III Card after each Stage II Card. (New Deck Order: 111-2-3-2-3-2-3-2-33)
13 (4/5/4)
Entrench in the Face of Fear: Put an unused Stage II Invader Card under the top 3 Fear Cards, and an unused Stage III Card under the top 7 Fear Cards. When one is revealed, immediately place it in the Build space (face-up).
14 (5/5/4)
Pressure for Fast Profit: After the Ravage Step of turn 2+, on each board where it added no Blight: In the land with the most Explorer (min. 1), add 1 Explorer and 1 Town.

Design Lore

Ruler: Peter I Romanov

The Tsardom of Russia has long been an agricultural and technologically backward state, but all that has begun to change with the rule of Peter I. Desperate for an ice-free port in the north to supplement the frequently frozen harbor of Arkhangelsk and hemmed in to the west by the powerful Kingdoms of Sweden and Prussia, Peter I committed aggressively to the northern alliance begun by his grandfather Michael I, sending poorly trained but massive armies to assist in the continental wars against France and Spain. In exchange, Sweden ceded Russia a portion of the Murman Coast, and Peter built a new northern capital and seaport at St. Petersburg at the ice-free Kola Bay on the Arctic ocean. This gave Russia free access to the North Sea throughout the year, and lead to a substantial increase in Russian shipping and shipbuilding.

At the same time, Peter expanded Russia eastward. Cossack explorers had already reached the Pacific coast by year of Peter’s birth in 1672, and Peter sent new, larger waves of settlers along the arctic coast to swell the populations of these eastern lands.

The Tsardom of Russia is the newest colonial power in Europe, having recently emerged as a fledgling naval power. Given their control of a massive population as well as the vast lands of Siberia, Russia has no need for additional population or land. Instead, the early Russian colonies have focused on the rapid exploitation of natural resources that require minimal infrastructure to extract, notably furs and ivory.


General Strategy

This Adversary is notably easier for Spirits that can prevent Explorers (Explorer) from entering the game (e.g., Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds), or for Spirits with good Explorer control and "each Invader" Damage (e.g., River Surges in Sunlight).

This Adversary is notably harder for Spirits that have a hard time controlling Explorers.

Links to Strategy Guides

Explorer None Yet!

Rulings for Russia

Stalk the Predators (Escalation)

  • Russia's Escalation effect happens before Exploring.