Rituals of the Destroying Flame

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Scenario: Rituals of the Destroying Flame
Difficulty: 3
The Invaders carry some strange immunity to harm - is it magic of their own? Their disbelief in the Spirits as anything other than superstition? Or the patronage of some great Spirit, unseen and undetected? The Spirits have found a way to break that immunity - but it comes with a price.


  • for Spirits that generate lots of Energy (e.g., Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds).


  • for Spirits that rely heavily on Damage/Destruction to keep Invaders in check. (e.g., Lightning's Swift Strike, Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves).

Invader Immunity Whenever anything would Damage or Destroy Invaders, ignore that Damage/Destruction unless either:
  • There is a Flame Marker within 1
  • The Spirit using the Power or ability pays 2 Energy.

For non-Spirit effects (Events, Dahan counterattacks, etc) any Spirit may pay the Energy. 2 Energy covers a single Dahan counterattack, a single land affected by a main/Dahan/token Event, or a single land affected by a Fear Card.

Any Invaders left in an illegal state because they were not destroyed (e.g., from Ocean's Hungry Grasp's "Drowning") are moved to the closest land they can legally be in.

Invaders are similarly immune to any effects which would happen instead of Damage/Destruction (e.g., Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares' "To Dream a Thousand Deaths")

Ritual of the Destroying Flame: Each turn, after all Growth is done, one or more Spirits may perform the Ritual of the Destroying Flame. Each Spirit performing the Ritual Forgets a Power card that grants Fire and chooses a land where they have Presence.

  • Add a Flame Marker and 1 Blight to that land (This destroys Presence normally.)
  • Gain Energy equal to the current Invader Stage.
  • If there are Invaders in that land, do Fear equal to the current Invader Stage, and 1 Damage per Dahan present.
Flame Makers are Permanent. They are not limited in quantity.
Get out the Scenario Markers; these are used as Flame Markers, marking lands where the Ritual of the Destroying Flame has been performed.


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