Rituals of Terror

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Scenario: Rituals of Terror
Difficulty: 3
The Invaders seem resigned to a land of hostility and pain. What must their homeland be like to inspire this dogged determination to stay despite the deaths of their neighbors, the portents, and omens the spirits blaze across the sky?


  • for spirits with strong Dahanicon.png movement (e.g. Thunderspeaker)


  • In a solo game with a Spirit with poor Energy generation or slow Presence placement.

Terror Levels are not earned via Fearicon.png, but by the Ritual of Terror.

Do not resolve earned Fear Cards during the Invader Phase (If you have trouble remembering this, you can put earned Fear cards on this card instead.)

During either the Fasticon.png or Slowicon.png Phase, the Spirits may perform the Ritual of Terror if:

  • There is a land with at least 1 Presenceicon.png from each Spirit;
  • That land has at least 3 Dahanicon.png per player.
  • The Spirits collectively spend 3 Energy total and destroy 3 Presenceicon.png total in that land.

When the Ritual of Terror is Performed:

  • Earn the Next Terror Level. (This may be VICTORY on your third Ritual)
  • Resolve all earned Fear Cards (at the new Terror Level)
  • Push all Dahanicon.png from the land where the RItual was performed, distributing them as evenly as possible among all adjacent lands. (I.e; send 1 Dahanicon.png to each adjacent land before sending a 2nd to any.)
Put the Terror Level Dividers by the side of the board instead of into the Fear Deck.
Put all Fear Cards into the Fear Deck. If you run out, earn no more Fear Cards.

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