Relentless Optimism

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Relentless Optimism
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For the rest of this turn, don't generate Fear for Destroying Town/City.
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Cultures Mix and Clash
On Each Board: If Dahan outnumber Town/City by 2 or more, Replace 1 Town with 1 Dahan.

If Town/City outnumber Dahan by 2 or more, Replace 1 Dahan with 1 Town.
Foreign Diseases:
On Each Board, in the land with the mnost combined Invaders + Dahan (min. 1 of each): Add 1 Disease. 2 Damage to Dahan.
Offerings of Pattern and Dance:
Each Spirit with at least 2 Dahan among all its lands gains 1 Energy.

Rulings for Relentless Optimism

Explorericon.png There are no rulings at this time. Explorericon.png