Putting Down Roots

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Putting Down Roots
Putting Down Roots (bc).png
Name Putting Down Roots
Set Branch and Claw
Event 1 Type Healthy Island
Event 1 Text Putting Down Roots
On an Inland land on Each Board: Replace 1 Explorer with 1 Town.
Event 2 Type Blighted Island
Event 2 Text The Center Crumbles
On Each Board with Invaders: Add 1 Blight to an Inland land.

Spirits may prevent this on any/all boards by destroying 3 Presence from each board to be protected.
Event 3 Type Disease and Strife
Event 3 Text Stricken
In lands with Disease/Strife, Invaders skip Ravage Actions.
Event 4 Type Dahan
Event 4 Text Drive Off the Interlopers
Each player may Push 1 Explorer/Town from a land with Dahan.
Card Status Active
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