Promotional Pack 2

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The first pair of promotional Spirits for Spirit Island, printed as part of the Kickstarter campaigns for the Base Game. Periodically available from Greater Than Games and at conventions.


The second Promo Pack. As part of the Jagged Earth Kickstarter in October 2018, Finder of Paths Unseen was released as a Promo Spirit, with $100k - $200k stretch goals, adding: Downpour Drenches the World, 2 new Scenarios, 4 new Fear Cards, new adversary - Kingdom of Scotland, and 5 new Aspect Cards.

The Promo Pack 2 Contents Include:

  • 2 Spirits!
  • 1 Adversary!
  • 2 Scenarios!
  • 5 Fear Cards!
  • 5 Aspects!