Promotional Pack 1

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The first pair of promotional Spirits for Spirit Island, printed as part of the Kickstarter campaigns for the Base Game. Periodically available from Greater Than Games and at conventions, as well as through the Feather and Flame expansion.


The first Promo Pack. As part for the original Kickstarter in October 2015, two additional Spirits were offered as $40k (for Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island) and $70k (for Heart of the Wildfire) stretch goals. They are occasionally reprinted and sold by the publisher for a limited time in special Promotional Packs.

In 2022, Feather and Flame was introduced to combine both Promo Pack 1 and Promo Pack 2 into one product, allowing brick and mortar stores to carry them and making it easier to obtain these promotional packs.

The Promo Pack 1 Contents Include: