Powers Long Forgotten/Table

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1 A Lizard's scale, perpetually burning Powers granting Efire.png don't Damage/Destroy Invaders unless the Spirit spends an additional Energy. (Per Power) Damage-dealing Powers granting Efire.png do +1 Damage. (Total bonus per power)
2 A loop of twisted bronze set with deep red stones For purposes of Explore and Build, Invaders in any Sands are considered to be in all Sands Spirits may shift their Presenceicon.png from a Sands to another at any time
3 An enormous jagged tooth, dripping water. Whenever Invaders Explore into Wetland, they immediately Build there. Each Spirit gains +2 Energy during any Spirit Phase that they do not Reclaim any cards.
4 A rib-bone crusted with unmelting ice Next Turn: Spirits only get 1 Card Play. During the next normal Ravage: Invaders do -3 Damage per land.
5 A fist-sized ember, glowing steadily Whenever a Townicon.png / Citiyicon.png is added to a Jungle or Wetland without Townicon.png / Citiyicon.png, also add 1 Blighticon.png Spirits do not need to Forget when gaining a Major Power
6 A rope woven out of the wind Powers do not Gather/Push Invaders unless the Spirit spends an extra Energy (Per Power) All Powers have +1
7 A spear-like pillar of sunlight, too hot to approach Now: On each board, in the land with the most Townicon.png / Citiyicon.png (minimum 1): Destroy all Dahanicon.png and spirit tokens. Add 1 Blighticon.png Now: Earn 2 Fear Cards. Invaders in 1 Land take 2 Damage per Dahanicon.png there.
8 A leather sack with its mouth sewn shut Leave the token in the land where it was found. This land cannot be targeted by Powers for the rest of the game. Now: Chose 1 land. Remove everything in it from the game.