Nature Incarnate

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New Spirits!

Potential Adversaries Unknown

Potential Scenarios Unknown

The third expansion for Spirit Island, Nature Incarnate, is the second of the small expansions. It's said to feature "New spirits, new aspects, new threats, and new powers". Specifics on what this means is currently unknown.


Announcement of this expansion was posted here on June 14th, 2022. It will be crowdfunded exclusively through Backerkit starting October 8th.

The Expansion Content Includes:

  • Some amount of Spirits!
  • Some amount of Aspects!
  • Some amount of new "Threats"! Likely Adversaries, but (pure speculation) there might be a new kind of enemy instead.
  • Some amount of Powers! It's not known whether these are Unique Powers, Minor Powers, Major Powers, or some new kind of Power Card.