Manifest Incarnation

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Manifest Incarnation
Manifest Incarnation (bc).png
Name Manifest Incarnation
Set Branch and Claw
Card Type Major
Cost 6
Elements Sun Moon Earth Animal — Sun, Moon, Earth, Animal
Speed Slow
Range 0
Target Land with at least 1 City
Effect 6 Fear.
+1 Fear for each Town/City and for each of your Presence in target land. Remove 1 City, 1 Town and 1 Explorer. Then Invaders in target land Ravage.
Threshold(s) 3 Sun 3 Moon — 3 Sun, 3 Moon:
+3 Fear.
Invaders do -6 Damage on their Ravage.
Artist Moro Rogers
Shown in the Art Lightning's Swift Strike
Errata N/A
Card Status Active
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