Jagged Earth

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The second expansion for Spirit Island, Jagged Earth, is the first of the large expansions. It features a whopping 10 new Spirits, along with several Adversaries and Scenarios. It also introduces the new Badlands Badlands token. Just like with Branch and Claw, this expansion offers new Minor Power, Major Power, Fear, Blight, and Event Cards to add even more possibilities.

This expansion will be required for all expansions going forward. For more info, check out the Purchase Guide.


The first announcement for this expansion in October 2018 was posted on Kickstarter and showed off new content and mechanics: 8 Spirits, with another 2 as $75k and $250k stretch goals, 2 Adversaries, Isolation (a new mechanic), Badlands (a Spirit Token), 2 Island Boards, 3 Scenarios, Aspects for the 4 low complexity spirits from the Core Game, and more Power/Event/Fear Cards.

The Expansion Content Includes:

  • 10 Spirits!
  • 2 Adversaries!
  • 3 Scenarios!
  • 2 Island Boards: E and F!
  • 23 Major Power and 33 Minor Power Cards!
  • 30 Event Cards!
  • 6 Fear Cards!
  • 7 Blight Cards!
  • 6 Aspects (a brand-new concept), each with its own unique Innate Power or Special Rule to change up one of the 4 Low-complexity base game Spirits!
  • The four tokens from Branch and Claw: Beasts (Beasts), Wilds (Wilds), Disease (Disease), and Strife (Strife)!
  • Badlands (Badlands) tokens, a new way to fight invaders!
  • More plastic, wooden, and cardboard game pieces to support playing with up to 6 players!
  • New play options: Combining Adversaries, playing with an Archipelago (split island), and more!