Invested Aristocracy

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Invested Aristocracy
Jagged Earth complexity 3.png
After the Ravage Step, On Each Board: If no Blight was added to this board, add 1 Town to the highest-numbered land with no Invaders.
Foreign Dignitaries Visit
If the island is Healthy, Ravages do +2 Damage (total) in the lowest-numbered matching land on each board.

If the island is Blighted, add 1 Fear Card to the top of the Fear Deck.
Prey on the Heedless:
In each land with Beasts, 1 Damage per Beasts.
Coming of Age:
On Each Board: Add 1 Dahan to a land with 2 or more Dahan.

Rulings for Invested Aristocracy

Invested Aristocracy (Stage I + II)

  • This is one Event Action per board.

Foreign Dignitaries Visit (Stage III)

  • A "matching land" is a land that has a land type shown on the related Invader Card (which, in this case, is the Ravage Card).

Prey on the Heedless (Beasts Event)

  • This is one Event Action per land.

Coming of Age (Dahan Event)

  • This is one Event Action per board.