Invaders Surge Inland

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Invaders Surge Inland
On a Coastal land on Each Board: Move 1 Townicon.png one or two lands Inland.
Widening Destruction
On Each Board: Add 1 Blighticon.png to a land adjacent to a land with/adjacent to Townicon.png/Cityicon.png.

Spirits may prevent this on any/all boards by destroying 2 Presenceicon.png from each board to be protected.
Grim Toll:
On Each Board: Choose a land with Diseaseicon.png. In that land, do 2 Damage to Invaders and 2 Damage to Dahanicon.png.
Canny Defense:
During Ravage, in every land, Defend 1 per Dahanicon.png in the land.

Rulings for Invaders Surge Inland

Invaders Surge Inland (Healthy Island)

  • If moved twice, the Townicon.png is moved into the first land, and then is moved into the second land.
    • In the Digital version, a Townicon.png that is moved two lands Inland is moved directly to that second land. If you are not playing in the Digital version, you may interpret it either way.
  • Any Triggered Actions that are triggered by moving a Townicon.png into certain lands, such as the Triggered Action made by Observe the Ever-Changing World, will trigger when the Townicon.png is moved into that land, even if the Townicon.png doesn't end in that land. (Triggered Actions resolve after fully resolving the Action that triggered them.)