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Incarna is a mechanic introduced in Nature Incarnate.


An Incarna is the powerful manifestation of a Spirit that has taken form in the physical world. It acts as a special Presence token, placing the Spirit on the board like never before.

Incarna Spirits manifest in a variety of ways, from a massive titan that destroys everything in its path, to a mighty tree that defends the land and quiets all conflict around it, to a shadowy figure that slinks through the darkness and sends lone Invaders to the Void.

Four Spirits in Nature Incarnate have their own unique Incarna token, bringing this new mechanic to life at your table. The other four Spirits operate in a more familiar fashion, but range in approach from carving swathes of overwhelming destruction, to the protection of hearth and home, to a Spirit who starts the game dying and must find their way to a new form.

Gameplay Notes

  • When your Incarna is off the island, it is only an Incarna, not any of the pieces printed on it. Only an "Add Incarna" effect can get it back on the island.
  • Some Incarna can become Empowered. This is a permanent increase in power. The exact details on how the Spirit/Incarna becomes more powerful depend on the Spirit using it.
  • An empowered Incarna remains empowered for the rest of the game, even if that Incarna is Destroyed after being empowered.

List of Spirits with Incarna

Spirit Image Spirit Set Complexity
Ember-Eyed Behemoth.png Ember-Eyed Behemoth Nature Incarnate box.png
Towering Roots of the Jungle.png Towering Roots of the Jungle Nature Incarnate box.png
Breath of Darkness Down Your Spine.png Breath of Darkness Down Your Spine Nature Incarnate box.png
Wandering Voice Keens Delirium.png Wandering Voice Keens Delirium Nature Incarnate box.png

List of Aspects with Incarna

Spirit Image Spirit Aspect Spirit Set Aspect Set Spirit's Base Complexity
Thunderspeaker.png Thunderspeaker Warrior Spirit Island box.png Nature Incarnate box.png
Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island.png Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island Locus Promo Pack 1 box.png Nature Incarnate box.png
Lure of the Deep Wilderness.png Lure of the Deep Wilderness Lair Jagged Earth box.png Nature Incarnate box.png