Horizons of Spirit Island

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Horizons of Spirit Island, designed by R. Eric Reuss and Christopher Badell, and brought about by collaboration between Greater Than Games and Target, is the second standalone game for Spirit Island, meaning it is playable without the original base game. It will have a focus on being an excellent entry point into the game with a low MSRP of $30 USD, as well as containing 5 Low-Complexity Spirits so that new players can quickly learn the rules of the game.


The announcement for Horizons of Spirit Island was posted on Greater Than Games's website on July 21st, 2022. The game will be available to purchase through Target in October 2022, and will remain exclusive to Target for two years from release.

The Content Includes:

  • 5 New Spirits, each with a new Power Progression card!
  • The Major Power Cards and Minor Power Cards from the Base Game! (These Powers will have updated card text to match nomenclature from Jagged Earth.)
  • The Fear Cards from the Base Game!
  • 3 New Presence Token Colors: Turquoise, Maroon, and Gold!
  • The same Invader Deck from the Base Game, with a new design on the back of the cards!