Hard-Working Settlers

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Hard-Working Settlers
Hard-Working Settlers (je).png
Name Hard-Working Settlers
Set Jagged Earth
Event 1 Type Group Choice
Event 1 Text Hard-Working Settlers
The latest round of settlers are regrettably diligent, focused, and curious. You may:

On Each Board:
• Push up to 2 Dahan.
• Add 1 Town to a land without Towns.
• Immediately Ravage in the land with the most Invaders that matches a Ravage Card.

...at the cost of piquing their interest.
• Ravage Cards skip up to one matching land on each board. (Players choose which.)
• 1 Fear per player.
• Remove the bottommost Stage II and Stage III Cards in the Invader Deck from the game.
Event 2 Type Beasts
Event 2 Text Beasts Prey on the Injured
This turn, Beasts also count as Badlands. On Each Board: Destroy a Damaged Invader in a land with Beasts.
Card Status Active
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