Hapsburg Dynasty

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The Kingdom of Hapsburg Dynasty
Additional Loss Condition
Stage II Escalation Stage II Escalation.png
N/A: N/A
N/A: N/A
Level Fear Cards Game Effects (Cumulative)
1 9 (3/3/3) N/A: N/A
2 9 (3/3/3) N/A: N/A
3 9 (3/3/3) N/A: N/A
4 9 (3/3/3) N/A: N/A
5 9 (3/3/3) N/A: N/A
6 9 (3/3/3) N/A: N/A

Design Lore

Ruler: Emperor Joseph I (Hapsburg dynasty)

Emperor Joseph inherited the Hapsburg monarchy upon the death of his father, Leopold I, shortly after the conclusion of the War of Spanish Succession, a short-lived attempt Emperor Leopold to put Joseph’s younger brother Charles on the Spanish throne. Secure in his alliance with Sweden and Prussia, Emperor Joseph stepped back from territorial conflicts in western Europe and focused on growing the wealth of the empire for his son and heir Leopold Joseph.

Joseph I chartered the Ostend Company in 1697 to bring trade from the East and West Indies through his Belgian provinces, setting up overseas colonies and beginning a program of resettlement of Hungarian peasantry.

Hapsburg colonies are newer than those of any European power save Russia but have grown quickly due to their focus on nomadic herding rather than farming and infrastructure. Hapsburg control of Belgium allowed easy access to Atlantic trading routes but put the Hapsburg fleets in direct competition with those of England, Scotland, and France.

General Strategy

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