Habsburg Mining Expedition

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Habsburg Mining Expedition
Additional Loss Condition
Land Stripped Bare: At the end of the Fasticon.png Phase, the Invaders win if any land has at least 8 total Invaders/Blight (combined).
Escalation Escalation
Mining Tunnels: After Advancing Invader Cards: On each board, Explore in 2 lands whose terrains don't match a Ravage or Build Card (no source required).
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Fear Cards
Game Effects (cumulative)
9 (3/3/3)
Avarice Rewarded: When Blight added by a Ravage Action would cascade, instead Upgrade 1 Explorericon.png/Townicon.png (before Dahan counterattack.)
Ceaseless Mining: Lands with 3 or more Invaders are Mining lands. In Mining lands:
Disease and modifiers to Disease affect Ravage Actions as though they were Build Actions.
• During the Build Step, Build Cards cause Ravage Actions (instead of Build Actions).
10 (3/3/4)
Miners Come From Far and Wide: Setup: Add 1 Explorericon.png in each land with no Dahan. Add 1 Disease and 1 Cityicon.png in the highest-numbered land with a Townicon.png Setup symbol.
11 (3/4/4)
Mining Boom (I): After the Build Step, on each board: Choose a land with Explorericon.png. Upgrade 1 Explorericon.png there.
12 (4/4/4)
Untapped Salt Deposits: Setup: Remove the Stage II 'Coastal Lands' card before randomly choosing Stage II cards. Place the 'Salt Deposits' card in place of the 2nd Stage II card.
(New Deck Order: 111-2S22-33333, where S is the Salt Deposits card. Escalation ignores S.)
13 (4/5/4)
Mining Boom (II): Instead of Mining Boom (I), after the Build Step, on each board: Choose a land with Explorericon.png. Build there, then Upgrade 1 Explorericon.png. (Build normally in a Mining land.)
13 (4/5/4)
The Empire Ascendant: Setup and During the Explore Step: On boards with 3 or fewer Blight: Add +1 Explorericon.png in each land successfully explored. (Max. 2 lands per board per Explore Card.)

File:Habsburg Mining Expedition Map.png Habsburg Mining Expedition Official FAQ Entries

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From the Rulebook

Ruler: Emperor Joseph I

Emperor Joseph inherited The Habsburg monarchy upon the death of his father, Leopold I, shortly after the conclusion of the War of the Spanish Succession, a short-lived attempt by Emperor Leopold to put Joseph’s younger brother Charles on the Spanish throne. Secure in his alliance with Sweden and Prussia, Emperor Joseph stepped back from territorial conflicts in western Europe and focused on growing the wealth of the empire for his son and heir Leopold Joseph.

Joseph I chartered the Ostend Company in 1697 to bring trade from the East and West Indies through his Belgian provinces, setting up overseas colonies and beginning a program of resettlement of Hungarian peasantry.

Alongside the mixed successes of their nomadic herding livestock colonial efforts, the Habsburg dynasty also reached across the seas with an eye towards gathering a key resource: salt. The salt mining colonies were outfitted to be self-sufficient, able to send the vast majority of their efforts back home to Austria. What the miners and their overseers did to the lands from which they extracted the precious mineral was of no consequence to Emperor Joseph.


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