Habsburg Dynasty

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Habsburg Dynasty


Additional Loss Condition
Stage II Escalation Stage II Escalation.png
Irreparable Damage: Track how many Blighticon.png come off the Blight Card during Ravages that do 8+ Damage to the land. If that number ever exceeds players, the Invaders win.
Seek Prime Territory: After Exploring: On each board with 4 or fewer Blighticon.png, add 1 Townicon.png to a land without Townicon.png/Blighticon.png. On each board with 2 or fewer Blighticon.png, do so again.
Level (Difficulty) Fear Cards Game Effects (Cumulative)
1 (3) 10 (3/4/3) Migratory Herders: After the normal Build Step: In each land matching a Build Card, Gather 1 Townicon.png from a land not matching a Build Card. (In board/land order.)
2 (5) 11 (4/5/2) More Rural Than Urban: During Setup, on each board, add 1 Townicon.png to land #2 and 1 Townicon.png to the highest-numbered land without Setup symbols. During play, when Invaders would build 1 Citiyicon.png in an Inland land, they instead build 2 Townicon.png.
3 (6) 12 (4/5/3) Fast Spread: When making the Invader Deck, Remove 1 additional Stage I Card. (New deck order: 11-2222-33333)
4 (8) 12 (4/5/3) Herds Thrive in Verdant Lands: Townicon.png in lands without Blighticon.png are Durable: they have +2 Health, and "Destroy Townicon.png" effects instead deal 2 Damage (to Townicon.png only) per Townicon.png they could Destroy. ("Destroy all Townicon.png works normally.)
5 (9) 13 (4/6/3) Wave of Immigration: Before the initial Explore, put the Habsburg Reminder Card under the top 5 Invader Cards. When Revealed, on each board, add 1 Citiyicon.png to a Coastal land without Citiyicon.png and 1 Townicon.png to the 3 Inland lands with the fewest Blighticon.png.
6 (10) 14 (5/6/3) Far-Flung Herds: Ravages do +2 Damage (total) if any adjacent lands have Townicon.png. (This does not cause lands without Invaders to Ravage.)

General Strategy

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