France (Plantation Colony)

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France (Plantation Colony)


Additional Loss Condition
Stage II Escalation Stage II Escalation.png
Sprawling Plantations: Before Setup, return all but 7 Townicon.png per player ot the box. Invaders win if you ever cannot place a Townicon.png.
Demand for New Cash Crops: After Exploring, on each board, pick a land of the shown terrain. If it has Townicon.png / Citiyicon.png, add 1 Blighticon.png. Otherwise, add 1 Townicon.png
Level (Difficulty) Fear Cards Game Effects (Cumulative)
1 (3) 9 (3/3/3) Frontier Explorers: After Setup, when Invaders successfully Explore into a land without Townicon.png / Citiyicon.png, add another Explorericon.png.
2 (5) 10 (3/4/3) Slave Labor: During Setup, put the "Slave Rebellion" event under the top 3 cards of the Event Deck. After Invaders Build in a land with 2 Explorericon.png or more, replace all but 1 Explorericon.png there with an equal number of Townicon.png.
3 (7) 11 (4/4/3) Early Plantations: During Setup on each board, add 1 Townicon.png to the highest-numbered land without Townicon.png. Add 1 Townicon.png to land #1.
4 (8) 12 (4/4/4) Triangle Trade: Whenever Invaders build a Coastal Citiyicon.png, add 1 Townicon.png to the adjacent land with the fewest Townicon.png.
5 (9) 13 (4/5/4) Slow-healing Ecosystem: When you remove Blighticon.png from the board, put it here instead of onto the Blight Card. As soon as you have 3 Blighticon.png per player here, move it all back to the Blight Card.
6 (10) 14 (4/5/5) Persistent Explorers: After the normal Explore Phase, on each board add 1 Explorericon.png to a land without any. Fear Card effects never remove Explorericon.png. If one would, you may instead Push that Explorericon.png

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