France (Plantation Colony)

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France (Plantation Colony)


Additional Loss Condition
Stage II Escalation Stage II Escalation.png
Sprawling Plantations: Before Setup, return all but 7 Townicon.png per player to the box. Invaders win if you ever cannot place a Townicon.png.
Demand for New Cash Crops: After Exploring, on each board, pick a land of the shown terrain. If it has Townicon.png / Citiyicon.png, add 1 Blighticon.png. Otherwise, add 1 Townicon.png
Level (Difficulty) Fear Cards Game Effects (Cumulative)
1 (3) 9 (3/3/3) Frontier Explorers: After Setup, when Invaders successfully Explore into a land without Townicon.png / Citiyicon.png, add another Explorericon.png.
2 (5) 10 (3/4/3) Slave Labor: During Setup, put the "Slave Rebellion" event under the top 3 cards of the Event Deck. After Invaders Build in a land with 2 Explorericon.png or more, replace all but 1 Explorericon.png there with an equal number of Townicon.png.
3 (7) 11 (4/4/3) Early Plantations: During Setup on each board, add 1 Townicon.png to the highest-numbered land without Townicon.png. Add 1 Townicon.png to land #1.
4 (8) 12 (4/4/4) Triangle Trade: Whenever Invaders build a Coastal Citiyicon.png, add 1 Townicon.png to the adjacent land with the fewest Townicon.png.
5 (9) 13 (4/5/4) Slow-healing Ecosystem: When you remove Blighticon.png from the board, put it here instead of onto the Blight Card. As soon as you have 3 Blighticon.png per player here, move it all back to the Blight Card.
6 (10) 14 (4/5/5) Persistent Explorers: After resolving an Explore Card, on each board add 1 Explorericon.png to a land without any. Fear Card effects never remove Explorericon.png. If one would, you may instead Push that Explorericon.png

The French Plantation Colony is really a twofold Adversary: some of its effects are derived from historical France, while others are based off of the Caribbean plantation colonies founded by multiple European powers. Note that this is 1700s France - the policies and practices of later French colonization (such as homeland representation and strong public-health/infrastructure investment) are absent.

From the Rule Book

King Louis XIV, the longest ruling monarch in Europe, rules France with an iron fist but requires a constant stream of revenue to finance his wars on the continent. Recently involved in a war against Sweden and the Holy Roman Empire to place his grandson Philip on the Spanish throne, Louis relies on the strength of the French Army to hold together a tenuous alliance with Spain and Scotland against the Swedish, Habsburg, and Prussian Kingdoms.

Prevented from raising money from the aristocracy, and with a peasant population already suffering under some of the highest tax rates in Europe, he has begun setting up plantation colonies and extracting the resources of distant lands for the benefit of the Kingdom of France.

General Strategy

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