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Fortune-Seekers (je).png
Name Fortune-Seekers
Set Jagged Earth
Event 1 Type Healthy Island
Event 1 Text Fortune-Seekers
The next Explore Card matches all lands without Towns/Cities instead of the printed land type. Ignore any Escalation on it.
Event 2 Type Blighted Island
Event 2 Text The Land's Bounty Exhausted
In lands without Presence, it only takes 1 Damage to add Blight.
Event 3 Type Disease
Event 3 Text Grim Toll
On Each Board: Choose a land with Disease. In that land, 2 Damage to Invaders and 2 Damage to Dahan.
Event 4 Type Dahan
Event 4 Text Tell the Old Stories
Each Spirit with at least 2 Dahan among its lands either Reclaims 1 Power Card or re-gains a Unique Power it previously Forgot.
Card Status Active
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