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Foreboding (ff).png
Name Foreboding
Set Promo Pack 2
Feather and Flame
Card Type Aspect for Shadows Flicker Like Flame
Replaces Special Rule: Shadows of the Dahan
Complexity Higher Complexity
Innate Name Stretch Out Coils of Foreboding Dread
Speed Fast — Fast
Range 2
Target Any land
Innate Thresholds 2 Air — 2 Air
Your other Powers may ignore Range when targeting the target land.

1 Moon — 1 Moon
After an Action generates Fear in target land, including from Destroying Towns/Cities: Push up to 1 Explorer per Fear / 1 Town per 2 Fear. (You may mix-and-match.)

2 Fire — 2 Fire
1 Fear.

2 Moon 4 Air — 2 Moon, 4 Air
2 Fear.
Card Status Active
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