Focused Farming

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Focused Farming
Focused Farming (ni).png
Name Focused Farming
Set Nature Incarnate
Event 1 Type Healthy Island
Event 1 Text Focused Farming
On Each Board: Add 1 Explorer and 1 Town to a land with Towns/Blight.
Event 2 Type Blighted Island
Event 2 Text Essence Disperses
Each Spirit chooses independently to:
Forget 1 Power Card.
Lose 2 Energy (to min.0) and Destroy 1 Presence. In the land where you destroyed Presence, return 1 Blight to the box (if possible).
Event 3 Type Beasts
Event 3 Text Explorers Blunder
On Each Board: Destroy 2 Explorers among lands with Beasts.
Event 4 Type Dahan
Event 4 Text Offerings of Story and Season
Each Spirit with at least 3 Dahan among its lands gains 1 Energy and may Reclaim 1 Card.
Card Status Active
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