Flame's Fury

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Flame's Fury
Flame's Fury (ff).png
Name Flame's Fury
Set Promo Pack 1
Feather and Flame
Card Type Unique for Heart of the Wildfire
Cost 0
Elements Sun Fire Plant — Sun, Fire, Plant
Speed Fast
Range No Range
Target Any Spirit
Effect Target Spirit gains 1 Energy. Target Spirit does +1 Damage with each Damage dealing Power they use this turn.
(Powers which Damage multiple lands or each Invader only get 1 extra Damage total. Repeated Powers keep the +1 boost. Destroy effects don't get any bonus.)
Threshold(s) No Threshold
Artist Nolan Nasser
Shown in the Art Heart of the Wildfire
Vital Strength of the Earth
Other Card Information Errata GalleryTips and Rulings
Card Status Active
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