Flame's Fury

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Flame's Fury
Flame's Fury (ff).png
Name Flame's Fury
Set Promo Pack 1
Feather and Flame
Card Type Unique for Heart of the Wildfire
Cost 0
Elements Sun Fire Plant — Sun, Fire, Plant
Speed Fast
Range No Range
Target Any Spirit
Effect Target Spirit gains 1 Energy. Target Spirit does +1 Damage with each Damage dealing Power they use this turn.
(Powers which Damage multiple lands or each Invader only get 1 extra Damage total. Repeated Powers keep the +1 boost. Destroy effects don't get any bonus.)
Threshold(s) No Threshold
Artist Nolan Nasser
Shown in the Art Heart of the Wildfire
Vital Strength of the Earth
Errata N/A
Card Status Active
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