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See Fear and Terror for more in depth information.

Piece core fear card.png
Spirit Island (Base Game) 15
Branch and Claw 15
Jagged Earth 6
Promotional Pack 1 0
Promotional Pack 2 5
Feather and Flame
(Promos 1 and 2)

A card from the Fear Deck, earned by doing Fear Fear to the Invaders. (Terror Level dividers are not Fear Cards.)

Fear is primarily earned by destroying Invaders and using Powers. A Fear Card requires 4 Fear Markers Fear per player total to be earned. (These markers then reset.)

Game Setup

To set up the Invader Board:

  1. Place the Invader Board on one side of the play area.
  2. Put 4 Fear Markers Fear per player into the Fear Pool.
  3. Shuffle the Fear Cards and put 9 on the Fear Deck space. Place the "Terror Level 3" divider 3 cards from the bottom and the "Terror Level 2" divider 3 cards above that, so the deck is divided into 3 groups of 3 cards each.
  4. Make the Invader Deck and put it on the Invader Board on the Explore Action Space.
    The Invader Deck is 12 cards:
    • 3 Stage I cards on top, then
    • 4 Stage II cards, then
    • 5 Stage III cards on the bottom
  5. Take a random Blight Card and place it on top of the Blight Space on the board, “Healthy Island” side up, without looking at the back. Place the shown amount of Blight, plus one, onto the card. If you are not using a Blight Card, use the Blight instructions printed on the Invader Board instead.

Invader Phase

After Events, and before Invader Actions (Ravage, Build, Explore):

If any Fear Cards have been earned (see Fear and Terror, page 12), pick up the whole facedown stack, flip it over and resolve the cards one at a time in the order they were earned. Then discard them to the Fear Discard Space on the board. Use only the effect listed next to the current Terror Level. This could be higher than when the card was earned.

Fear effects last only for the current turn.

List of Fear Cards


Fear and Fear Cards

If the effects of a Fear Card earn you another Fear Card, does the new card resolve during that Invader Phase or the next one?

It's resolved that Invader Phase. Add it to the bottom of the stack of cards you're resolving. (p. 9)

If earning the card causes you to reach a new Terror Level, subsequent Fear Cards immediately start using the new Terror Level.

When you resolve a Fear card, do you resolve only the current level?

Yes, you only resolve the effect corresponding to the current Terror Level, not any previous levels. (p. 9)

You resolve it at the current Terror Level, regardless of whether the Terror Level was lower when the card was earned.

When are earned Fear Cards revealed?

When resolved, during the next Invader Phase. (p. 9)

At that time, you pick up the stack of earned Fear Cards, flip it over (which means you're reading them in the order earned), and resolve them one at a time, without looking ahead. If you earn more Fear Cards while so doing, they go on the bottom of the stack.

General Play

Is revealing a Fear or Event card part of the Fear / Event action(s), or does it happen first? Eg: with Finder of Paths Unseen, do I have to guess about adjacencies, or can I see the card first?

Revealing the card happens before the Fear/Event actions, not as part of it. (It's part of basic game structure.) So you can indeed look at the card prior to making adjacency decisions for Finder of Paths Unseen.

Actions are everything the card does - turning it over to read it isn't something the card does. (Also, Event Cards always result in multiple actions, and Fear cards often will as well; including "turn over the card" as part of the first action on the card would make "what's involved in an action?" a little inconsistent.)