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Piece core explorer.png Explorer
Comes From Spirit Island (Base Game)
Health 1
Damage 1
Destroyed 0 Fear Fear
Affected By Badlands Badlands, Isolate Isolateicon.png, Strife Strife, Wilds Wilds

Explorers Explorer represent Invaders willing to travel into uncharted wilderness: mapping expeditions, the very boldest homesteaders, etc. They have 1 Health and deal 1 Damage during Ravage. Explorers are not themselves a source when Invaders Explore.




What's the difference between an Invader and an Explorer (the stick figure)?

Explorer refers only to that type of piece, represented both on cards and on the board by a figure of a person.

Invader is a generic term, referring to any of the types of pieces representing the settlers, i.e., an Explorer (stick figure), Town (two buildings), or City (three buildings).

If a rule tells you to do something to an 'Invader', like on Level 3 of the Fear card Isolation, it refers to any one of the three types. If it tells you to count Invaders (like on that same Fear card), it is counting any of the three types equally.

There is no icon referring to a generic Invader, it is always written out as a word.

What does the slash mean in effects like "Push up to 3 (Explorer)/(Town)"?

It means "pieces of either or both types" - you are Pushing up to 3 pieces; those pieces may be Explorers and/or Towns. Similarly, "1 Damage to each [Town]/[City]" means "1 Damage to each piece that is either a Town or a City". (Or, in theory, both - though this would require some bizarre new piece considered both a Town and a City in order to be a relevant case.)

This is described in the reference on the back cover of the rulebook. (Formally, the slash is a union operator.)

Invader Actions

During Explore, do you still add an Explorer if there is already an Explorer, Town, or City in that land?

Yes, if there is a source of invaders, you add one Explorer, whether or not there is anything there already. A Town or City in the land itself does count as a source of Invaders. (See Explore Example A on p. 11.)

Power Cards

With Voice of Command, can Explorers take Damage from Towns/Cities? How does distributing damage work when you have a mixed group of Dahan and Explorers?

Yes, Explorers can take Damage. You can destroy Explorers before Dahan. (And will usually want to do so.) You can also mix-and-match - destroy an Explorer or two, then deal damage to a Dahan - if for some reason you want to leave some Explorers alive. Voice of Command



Errata for Kingdom of Scotland Lvl 1

Scotland's Level 1 "Trading Port" ability is missing a "1" in front of the Explorer. It should read "...in Coastal lands, Explore cards add 1 Town instead of 1 Explorer".

So if an Explore would normally add 2 Explorers - due to an Event, or combining Scotland with France - it would instead add 1 Town and 1 Explorer.

Power Cards

Errata for Major Power "Dissolve the Bonds of Kinship"

Line 3 is missing an Explorer symbol; it should read "Push all {Explorer} from target land."

A corrected version is planned for Errata Pack (Core 4th/5th, B&C 3rd).