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See Event for more in depth information.

Piece bc event cards.png
Spirit Island (Base Game) 0
Branch and Claw 26
Jagged Earth 30
Promotional Pack 1 0
Promotional Pack 2 0
Feather and Flame
(Promos 1 and 2)

A card from the Event Deck. After the first turn, one Event Card is drawn and resolved each turn during Invader Phase, after any Blighted Island effect and before resolving any Earned Fear Cards. (See Sequence of Play for the full Turn Order.)

Blighted Island. If you have trouble remembering to apply a Blighted Island effect first, put a Blight Blight from the box atop the Event Deck as a reminder.


Most cards show two possible primary Events, both bad (see examples, below). Which you perform will depend on either:

  1. The Health of the Island (Healthy/Blighted, as shown on the Blight Card);
  2. The Terror Level (I, II, III); or
  3. The Stage of Invasion (I, II, or III). The current Stage is shown by the top card of the Invader Deck.
    • Exception: If playing against Brandenburg-Prussia Level 2+, treat the early Stage III Card as if it were Stage II.

Most Event Cards also have two potentially good Events:

  1. Token Event: References Beasts Beasts, Disease Disease, or Strife Strife.
  2. Dahan Event: Dahan take action or tend to their community.

Explain bc event.png

Just like with other effects, when resolving Events, unless otherwise specified:

  • Perform as much of the card’s instructions as you can, moving from top to bottom and skipping anything inapplicable or impossible.
  • Effects which don’t change pieces on the board last only until the end of the current turn.
  • Pieces only affect their own land unless explicitly specified. I.e., if a token or Dahan causes Fear/Damage/Destruction, it does so in the land that it’s in.

Players make any necessary decisions. When an Event says, “On Each Board: (do this OR that)”, you may select differently on each board. You are permitted to read the entire Event Card before making any decisions, but you don’t have to if your playgroup would rather think about one thing at a time.

Like other effects, when Events deal Damage unless otherwise specified, the Damage is done only to Invaders. Some Events modify Invader Damage, or do Damage to the Dahan (see Health and Damage, page 16). Events are only considered Spirit Effects (for, e.g., Heart of the Wildfire) if the Spirits pay a cost to make something happen (see Choice Events, below).

Choice Events

As seen below, some cards are Choice Events. These describe a situation and give the Spirits two courses of action to take with differing consequences. Usually, the choice is a joint decision, and players must reach consensus over which path to take. If no consensus can be reached, the first listed option is always the default.

Often, one choice has a cost: usually some amount of Energy per player in the game. The cost is paid jointly however the Spirits like; it does not need to be evenly divided. It could be paid entirely by one player.

Aided By (Element)

If a cost says it is “Aided by a particular Element” it means that Spirits:

  • May Forget one or more Power Cards (from hand, play, or discard) with that Element to count +4 Energy towards the cost per Forgotten card.
  • May discard one or more Power Cards (from hand to discard) with that Element to count +2 Energy towards the cost per discarded card.
  • Count +1 Energy towards the cost for each of that Element they have in play (from Power Cards, Presence Tracks, or other effects).

A Power Card may only be used for one of these bonuses. If you discard a Power Card, you cannot also Forget it. Also, a Power Card Forgotten from play no longer provides any Elements. The “Aided by” Energy is only for the purposes of paying the cost - you cannot get real Energy out of it!

Explain bc choice event.png

Meaningless Choices. If you are playing with the Scenario “Blitz”, the Choice Event “Outpaced” is guaranteed to be irrelevant, as there is no Slow Phase. If this happens - or if future Adversaries/Scenarios make a particular Event irrelevant or senseless - discard that Event Card and draw a replacement.

Game Setup

Follow Branch and Claw setup changes for Events:

Invader Phase

After Blighted Island and before Earned Fear Cards:

Draw and resolve one Event Card.

List of Event Cards




Errata for Choice Event "War Touches the Island's Shores" Branch & Claw - 2nd and 3rd printings

"Discard the top Minor Power" should read "Discard the top Major Power".

A corrected version is planned for Errata Pack (Core 4th/5th, B&C 3rd).

Errata for the "Blight Spreads" Event on the card headed by "Tight-Knit Communities" Branch & Claw - 2nd and 3rd printings

"Add 1 Blight to a land with Blight" should read "Add 1 Blight to a land adjacent to a land with Blight".

The "Blight Spreads" event appears on two Event Cards; the other one (headed by "Well-Prepared Explorers") is correct.

A corrected version is planned for Errata Pack (Core 4th/5th, B&C 3rd).