Entwined Power

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Entwined Power
Entwined Power (hosi).png
Name Entwined Power
Set Spirit Island
Horizons of Spirit Island
Card Type Major
Cost 2
Elements Moon Water Plant — Moon, Water, Plant
Speed Fast
Range No Range
Target Another Spirit
Effect You and target Spirit may use each other's Presence to target Powers (only). Target Spirit gains a Power Card. You gain one of the Power Cards they did not keep.
Threshold(s) 2 Water 4 Plant — 2 Water, 4 Plant:
You and target Spirit each gain 3 Energy and may gift the other 1 Power Card from hand.
Artist Joshua Wright
Shown in the Art River Surges in Sunlight
Lightning's Swift Strike
Errata Entwined Power (Spirit Island)
Card Status Active
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