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The Kingdom of England
England WrinkledFlag.png
Additional Loss Condition
Proud & Mighty Capital: If 7 or more Town/City are ever in a single land, the Invaders win.
Escalation Escalation
Building Boom: On each board with Town/City, Build in the land with the most Town/City.
Fear Cards
Game Effects (cumulative)
10 (3/4/3)
Indentured Servants Earn Land: Invader Build Cards affect matching lands without Invaders if they are adjacent to at least 2 Town/City.
11 (4/4/3)
Criminals and Malcontents: During Setup, on each board add 1 City to land #1 and 1 Town to land #2.
13 (4/5/4)
High Immigration (I): Put the "High Immigration" tile on the Invader board, to the left of "Ravage". The Invaders take this Build action each Invader phase before Ravaging. Cards slide left from Ravage to it, and from it to the discard pile. Remove the tile when a Stage II card slides onto it, putting that card in the discard.
14 (4/5/5)
High Immigration (full): The extra Build tile remains out the entire game.
14 (4/5/5)
Local Autonomy: Town/City have +1 Health.
13 (4/5/4)
Independent Resolve: During Setup, add an additional Fear to the Fear Pool per player in the game. During any Invader Phase where you resolve no Fear Cards, perform the Build from High Immigration twice. (This has no effect if no card is on the extra Build slot.)



The alternate-history of the British Isles has taken a different course from our own: Scotland remains independent, for one thing, and while England is certainly powerful, neither it nor the other Great Powers of our own history are quite so dominant in this one.

From the Rulebook

Queen Elizabeth I of England married Robert Dudley, son of the Duke of Northerumberland, in 1562. The marriage was initially a scandal due to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Dudley's first wife, and inspired a revolt in several noble houses. However, the co-monarchs Robert I and Elizabeth I grew in popularity after the suppression of the revolt in 1564 and the birth of their son Edward in 1566. With the defeat of an attempted invasion from Spain and Scotland in 1587, the Kingdom of England became one of the premier naval powers in the North Atlantic. After the death of Robert in 1588, and Elizabeth in 1603, their son Edward VII became King of England

England was only briefly involved in the religious wars on the continent in the 17th centurly. Following a disastrous invasion attempt in France in 1633, and a clash with Scotland in 1651, the Kingdom of England focused on fortifying the Scottish frontier and building up its naval power.

Unable to project power on the continent and constrained to southern Britain, the Kingdom of England was one of the first to seek colonies in the New World, using its oversas possessioins to provide citizens with opportunities that were increasingly hard to come by at home.


General Strategy

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Rulings for England

Building Boom (Escalation)

  • England's Escalation effect is an Invader Action, not an Adversary Action.[1]
  • England's Escalation effect happens before Exploring.